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Spiritual ways -
Together we bring light into your pasts to lead you into a healthy and strong future

Conversation supported by mediumship -
Recognizing and resolving traumas on a mental level

In most cases there is a conversation at the beginning of the appointment, in which everything is allowed to be and nothing is evaluated. For this purpose, the book of your life is opened exactly to the page that is currently in question. Thanks to my medial abilities I am allowed to read it and can lead you quickly and gently into the current topic. Speaking out loud the consciously or unconsciously brought topic already activates the healing process. The energy held by the trauma comes into flow. My light supports and carries you. Feelings, no matter what they are, are explicitly welcome. Medial information from the spiritual world brings a new perspective.

Spiritual Healing -
Recognizing and resolving trauma on a physical level

Each trauma needs its own energetic approach. Possible methods can be

  • Aura clearing and cleansing

  • Regression

  • Soul conversations

  • Universal healing energy

Depending on the situation, the appropriate methods are used and release the energy held by the trauma. Especially psychosomatic problems respond very well to these methods.

Support from the toolbox -
How you learn to support yourself

Support in your day to day business

  • Individual meditation technique

  • Channelings

  • Guided individual mediations on mp3

  • Shadowing at work

  • Relax&Transform on weekends

Yours pasts -
Possible causes of trauma

Traumatic experiences in your current life -
Individual traumas as well as traumas experienced over a period of time (developmental traumas) prevent you from living your full emotional world. The unconscious avoidance of certain feelings leads to involuntary, often unhealthy behaviors.

Traumatic experiences of your ancestors -
These are passed down through generations. Very typical are inexplicable fears that have no discernible trigger in the current life.

Past life traumas (collective Traumas) -

Traumas that your country of origin has experienced and that are stored in the collective being until today. For Germany, for example, the time of the 2nd World War is still strongly occupied with traumas. These also influence your individual system. A lack of lightness also slows down your personal joy of life.

The male collective is in a real armor. Thousands of years of strength, the consequent suppression of feelings and a constant readiness to fight makes it difficult for you today to put down the sword on the outside and to turn to your inner self.

The female collective is still very much in search of its female identity, which has been taken away from it. This also affects your work and being as a woman. Lack of self-worth, self-doubt or the belief that you will never be enough, additionally prevent you from coming into your full greatness.

Partly these different traumas overlap in their origin. It is important to know that the origin of our traumas goes far beyond our current life.


Contact with spirit

Without spirit healing treatment in my sense would not be possible. The beings appear who are important for your healing process. They support you wherever they can during the session with me and beyond. You are infinitely loved by spirit.

Spiritual healing work (counseling and energetic work) serves to activate the self-healing powers. They do not replace the diagnosis and/ or treatment by a doctor, alternative practitioner and/ or psychotherapist.

All work is done online or in presence.

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