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Schiff im Hafen, friedliche Stimmung über dem Bodden.

Find your inner beacon

From time immemorial, beacons have guided ships to their home port.
Find your inner beacon to set a new course for your life.
  • There is no leadership style, there is only YOUR leadership style.

  • In YOUR leadership style YOU have a place as a human being with all YOUR needs.

  • Personal problems let YOU grow into YOUR full strength.

Let's find out together what has prevented YOUR beacon from shining so far - and uncover the view of YOUR inner beacon again.

You are right with me,
if there is the following in you:

  • Health issues
    (physical and/or mental)

  • A loss
    (of a loved one, a job, a partnership)

  • A 60h treadmill

  • Your inner voice: "It doesn't work that way!"

  • Feeling like being remote controlled

  • An unpleasant decision

You are right with me,

if you wish the following for yourself:

  • Health
    physical and/or mental)

  • Peace with a loss suffered

  • Inner growth

  • Work as a part of your life, not as the meaning of life

  • Inner serenity

  • Being self-determined

  • Your own toolbox for dealing with personal and professional problems

Blick auf den Horizont über die die Sonne reflektierende Nordsee

That’s how we work together

Our collaboration is absolutely confidential.
Our one-on-one sessions (online or in presence) are adapted to your schedule whenever possible. They are a space where everything can be said and everything is allowed to be.
Through my experience in personal development I lead you mindfully into previously unknown inner worlds.
My "naval architect humor" gives lightness to the new path.
The insights gained will accompany you sustainably through future challenges.
A tight schedule of appointments gives support especially in the beginning.
Tools in your individual toolbox facilitate your everyday life in the long run.

You can find detailed offers HERE.

Spiritual healing work (counseling and energetic work) serves to activate the self-healing powers. They do not replace the diagnosis and/ or treatment by a doctor, alternative practitioner and/ or psychotherapist.




"The border between "therapy" and spiriutal work is very fluid with Danai.

Since I myself work therapeutically, I am a rather difficult case of - to engage myself completely.

With Danai, I completely forget about revealing myself.
Afterwards I feel much lighter.

I always have the impression with her that she knows what she is doing".


------------ Alexander from MV

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