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Do you feel this pain?

... You are fully committed to your work, but realize that this is at your expense. You want a people-oriented working world. But your body shows you with headaches or dermatitis that your way was not healthy for you. Your mind chats without stopping, you keep thinking about the past and the future - but very rarely about the here and now. You are looking for a way to make your job healthy for you and an improvement for your team.

...Your body is telling you through pain, recurring or chronic illnesses or/ and constant fatigue that something is not harmonious in your life.

... You have already tried various methods and approaches. Nothing has brought you long-term physical and emotional health. You are annoyed and actually you don't feel like reading this at all.

...Change is forced upon you and you are looking for assistance for finding new ways to deal with it.

...You need a new and clear perspective to make a decision.

...You seek peace with a diagnosis or death. Grief overwhelms you.

...You want to close old chapters in your life, to forgive people, to not have the same discussions in your head over and over again.

...You cannot explain to yourself why you keep reacting in a certain way to certain situations even though you sense that your reaction is not healthy for you.

E.g. you keep choosing the same kind/ personality of partner with whom a relationship in love and respect is not possible.

...You simply want to be seen and accepted with EVERYTHING you are.

Is this what you want for your life?

...You have found your genuine leadership style. You live and lead in harmony with your true self. Physically and emotionally healthy you change your working world.

...You accept health challenges calmly. Symptoms of illness are alleviated or the illness goes away completely.

... You have found long-term change. You understand that the solution lies within you, not in what you have learned or what the outside says is good. Your healthy, genuine leadership style is found in who you really are. In how you really want to be.

You have the inner certainty to live more and more YOUR life according to YOUR needs. You are no longer defined by others, but come into your self-efficacy.

...You experience change as an enrichment, as an interesting learning experience and/ or a broadening of your horizons. You feel calmer and more mindful facing challenges, you accept ”what is”. You have learned your individual tools to deal with further changes and challenges (Meditation, exercises for self-acceptance, understanding of learned behavioral patterns resp. beliefs).

...You make a decision in accordance with YOUR wishes and ideas, it feels harmonious for you and your life path.

...You are at peace with the diagnosis of a life-shortening illness. You can live with your grief.

...You let go of emotions like grief, fury, excessive responsibility, anxiety related to a certain person or situation. You start to live a happy, enthusiastic life with a positive attitude.

...You feel like the resistances in your life are finally gone and you can move forward purposefully, lightly and easily, to where you belong.

...You find your personal spirituality.

If you want I also happily work with your present supporters on your healing path (e.g. doctors, practitioners, coaches, therapists or psychologists.)

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