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Die Seiteninhaberin in einem online Gespräch

Lead your style

Together we will free your unconscious emotions,
so that you can bring yourself into the world with your full inner strength.
  • Do you want YOUR work to be physically and emotionally fulfilling?

  • Do YOU want to live YOUR genuine leadership style?

  • Do YOU want to bring everything that defines YOU into your leadership style and change the working world?

Let's find out together and lead you to where YOUR eyes shine.

You are right with me,
if there is the following in you:

  • Inner turmoil, self-doubt and feelings of inferiority

  • A desire for profound change

  • Recurring physical and emotional issues

  • The desire to lead individually based on your personality

  • Frustration because no path has given you long-term strength

  • A knowledge that you can do so much more than you are currently bringing into the world

You are right with me,

if you wish the following for yourself:

  • Peace with yourself

  • A harmonious team of you and your thoughts

  • Harmony with your body

  • Your genuine leadership style

  • Your own toolbox for dealing with problems

  • Strength in the storm of life

Die Seiteninhaberin gibt eine Energiebehandlung für eine Person im Liegen.

That’s how we work together

You dive into your whole being with my empathic, curious and soulful guidance.

In a protected space you open yourself, feel safe in my warmth and recognize your golden core.

Humorously you get in touch with your subconscious and the causes of your problems.

You will calmly accept situations that have been hurtful and draining and find creative solutions.

Peace and tranquility arise within you as well as a lightfull connection with the whole world.




“I had booked a healing session with Danai without any prior knowledge...

In the subsequent conversation with Danai, which was full of empathy, I was very surprised - what she had found out about "mental blocks" and their causes, without talking about them previously.

...I felt more stable inside and less vulnerable - that is, more in my center. Things that I would have previously interpreted as a personal attack can now simply be left as a different opinion. "


------------ Birgit from NRW

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