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A naval architect for the "human" project

I have been through quite a bit in my life. I worked as a naval architect in the project- as well as the design-department in large commercial enterprises, taught students at the university of applied sciences statics and technical English. From time to time I worked abroad.


I was married and lived on my own for quite some time in Hamburg, Kiel and close to Rostock, Germany. Music, humor and my ever intensifying spirituality were good company in my life.


Now I accompany leaders like you on new paths. But even though I have now embarked on a new professional direction: I regret nothing of what I have done so far. On the contrary, all the experiences enrich my second professional career. Because now I have arrived at what I understand as my "holistic career". All practical and intuitive qualifications flow into my work. I would like to lead you to this point of satisfaction as well.

In doing so, I would like to live my own values, such as respect for myself, others and nature, helpfulness, humor as well as openness towards EVERYTHING that is, and perhaps also to exemplify them a bit. I have understood that peace and retreat do me good. After a "book - couch - tea - cookie" weekend I am fit again to work with you, to give creative workshops and also to do things that sometimes are not so much fun. As a typical hermit I can be good with myself and have learned to check for myself if I want someone in my life. I consider my small but great circle of friends a gift. All these insights form in me a happy, healthy and hopefully also for you valuable life.


Seitenbesitzerin vor Mikro

Danai "On Air"
sorry, so far in German only

Wenn Du mich lieber durch einen Podcast kennenlernen möchtest,

dann hör doch mal rein in das Interview


Oliver  Kramer von Wellenrauschen - MV



“I had booked a healing session with Danai without any prior knowledge...

In the subsequent conversation with Danai, which was full of empathy, I was very surprised - what she had found out about "mental blocks" and their causes, without talking about them previously.

...I felt more stable inside and less vulnerable - that is, more in my center. Things that I would have previously interpreted as a personal attack can now simply be left as a different opinion. "


------------ Birgit from NRW

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